How to be a successful vendor at a bridal show

A mini course on how to be a successful vendor at a bridal show is set to launch Fall 2020 - but with the pandemic going on and businesses having more time to educate themselves and prepare their businesses for when this passes - we thought we'd release a limited time only PDF. 

This offer will not last long. Again, we will be turning this into a mini course with recordings + more in depth training! If you purchase the PDF now, you will receive exclusive FREE access to the course when it is launched later this year. 

Topics discussed: 

- How to pick which bridal shows/wedding expos to participate in

- Booth design

- How to showcase your unique brand

- What marketing materials to bring to a bridal show

- Offering discounts and/or booking incentives

- Best ways to offer giveaways

- What should you do leading up to the event

- Follow up strategy/what to do with the bridal list

- Getting your best ROI/Break down of costs associated

- Bonus! Questions we are most frequently asked

- Bonus! Quick tips for bridal show success and etiquette

This 25-page PDF will help you understand what it takes to be successful at your next bridal show event. Why invest in participating in bridal shows if you aren't going to take it seriously and do what it takes to get your maximum ROI? 

Snag this PDF for a limited time only price + get the rest of the mini course FREE when it launches later this year!



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