Bridal shows/Wedding Expos are not going anywhere! Brides love to participate in any event that makes them feel special, plus helps plan their weddings! Once this pandemic is over - we will still see these events taking place as they are a huge advertising opportunity for businesses and always have been! 


We believe there are right ways and wrong ways to represent your business at bridal shows. If you are going to invest in participating in a show, you should take it seriously and do your best to get a high ROI. As the creators of the Make My Day Wedding Expo, we have put together a guide to show you how to be a successful vendor at a bridal show. 


For a limited time only we are offering the guide in a PDF only form for a limited time price. Soon this will be transformed into a mini course and the price will increase, so snag this content now! For everyone that purchases the PDF now, they will receive FREE acess to the course when it launches later in 2020. 

How to be a successful vendor at a Bridal Show



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